Sunday, April 27, 2014

afraid of the future

i'm just gonna say this once and for all. maybe. once.
 today, or since these years back, we, people of 20 years old and above, have been busy asking the authorities, the government,
that we should be involved in big issues, national issues, as those decisions made from those problem solvers (the govt), will our future. so,

But also right now, I'm imagining, 
what would it be if in the future, people of 15 years old start to think like this, 
and say, hey, it's our future too! we should involve! in the ministry! in the parliament! we don't care! we fight for our future, we fight for what is true!

i mean, we all are currently thinking like this right? i mean, we, people of twenties, do think like this right? so, what's really the difference with them children in those teen years?
are we already grown up enough? have we know about the world enough? have we study enough? politics? geography? history? economy? about other countries? diplomatic relations? land disputes? 
i'm thinking that somewhere, in some parts of this earth, live younger minds who knows things more than we do. so, how different are we from them? or maybe we should invite those teens into parliaments too? it's only fair right? age can't really be the subject of objection to the topic right?

time is moving, people are changing, so what do we do to our authorities! we tell them our opinion! in a manner, mature, professional ways possible. no hatred needed in the process tho right? no anger needed too right? i mean, we are saying our opinion right? may i repeat, opinion. opinion is not something that is cardinally right nor wrong isn't it? no one in this world, no one, knows whatever right or wrong. only Allah can be the judge! who knows the authorities' decisions would certainly be right? and, who knows our opinions would certainly be right? right? so i think there is no reason for us, young generation to be greedy, or angry or whatever to push the authorities to follow our voice.

when something good happen, you count it. when something bad happen, you learn from it!
again, no hatred to be spread, only love.

but for now, according to our situation, condition of the world today, i can say that
i love listening to The Vamps, and Lawson, and Ben Howard, and many more! 

Barack Obama's regret, on his speech in Kuala Lumpur today: things that I do that are not important.

So, other than listening to great music, let's do things that are important! for the future!

leaving you to your thoughts now, like to hear your opinions!
hello too, keyboard warriors!

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