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Assalamualaikum! Good Day! Hai Hai! Mahallo! Hey Hey!

This is my first post after I was chosen to be an MPP USM Kampus Kesihatan (which stands for Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar - Students Representative Council of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Health Campus). 
So, let's say hello to the new Me! Hello!
Just kidding, I'm still who I am. Maybe changed a bit, more philosophical, more idealist, but deep down, I think I'm still me. I don't know if I still can write things the way I wrote before. I've been meaning to write/blog since a long time ago. But, because of time constraint, I've to put aside that wish and hold it a lil' bit longer. Up until now! So now I'm writing again! Let's just wish I will persevere this writing activity. hehehe.
There's a lot I wish to write since I became one of the member of the representative council because there has been a lot happening in my everyday life since I joined this. But trust me, I'm writing all about them, not to brag, or be proud because I joined it, but purely because I feel like sharing the thoughts with someone, some people, or some readers.
So if you tried or gonna try to refer to my previous posts, to look about me becoming the MPP, you won't manage to find it. hehe. like I said, this is the first post since I became one. On October 24th, 2013, I was confirmed to be in the team (MPP) as the seat that I was running for has no competition. So I Alhamdulillah, Allah helped me surpassed all the election dramas and everything. hehe. Btw, by me saying this, I have no intention on saying that I really want to join MPP. It was not actually like that in the first place. My friend talked me into running in the election - I said no - he /they were being persistent - I reconsider - suddenly few things hit into my head - I rationalize - I ask opinions - some were supportive, some were not so - finally I said yes - so I sent in the forms and stuffs - announced Walkover because no competition for the seat I was running for. So Alhamdulillah. So at first before I sent the forms of candidates, I had no idea I was going to win as previously I kept on thinking that I just wan to feel or have the experience of campus elections and stuffs, you know. Not to sound / act humble or anything. But that was what I have in mind, but of course I had other things/preps in mind in case I win it. Basically they are of the reasons why I agreed to join MPP in the first place. 
Sort of my 'aspiracion' - 
quote that word from a movie I watched this evening, GOAL. You know what, just to share a bit of what I felt after finished watching. I felt like, does the director/producer/whoever, when they made the movie, knew that the movie they are making, is going to inspire thousands of people? I mean like, seriously, not to get too excited or anything but for the movie IS INSPIRING! (maybe because I almost cried at the end?) 
Anyway, back to the aspiracion that I was talking about. 
What I have in mind earlier, before I was confirmed of my seat in the MPP, I always knew that, if I become one, I will make things happen for the community. From the students, the campus, to the community. When I was in my second year, sort of sophomore year, I joined a lot of organizations, activities, most of them involving non-USM-students to be the target group kind of activities. So I fell in love with those kind of activities. Since then, I was inspired to be more useful to others with what I have. I have a platform to initiate programs, I have or may have the financial supports from various sources, which I learned from my involvements in activities. So, I think what Allah has given me/us, in front of our eyes, are a lot. So why waste it while I/we have the chance, right? so that was what I was thinking back then. My aspiracion.
One of them.
And I don't know where it came from, but during that year also I learnt more stuffs about "Erti Hidup Pada Memberi". I got that quote from Ilman, a very nice friend of mine. It's like my existence on this world is not for me, is not about me, and many more philosophical phrases that you can think of. (I decided not to write everything since I'm afraid that I'll puke on my on blog later when read my own blog again in the far future and laugh at myself or just smile and say, I was here, I lived, I loved, I did and I've done! ew again hehe)
 But now, I know, that when you are an MPP, you have to think more about inside campus stuffs, than to take care more about others outside campus stuffs. But I always believe, that, I am a representative of smart, educated, mature, professional students, university students. We help others. We don't really mind about our minor problems, much, as we mind about the unfortunates and the future generations out there. I mean, we are already here, in a university, what higher or greater learning institutions than a university that we want more?
But sadly, I was lost from this aspiracion in the early phase (few months) of me being the chairman of campus MPP. I got side-tracked, life honestly, as I was panicked, so busy re-organizing and re-managing my life, with this and that, never imagined that I'd be the chairman. Having everyday waking up to the students life problem, like why is this like this, why is that like that, hey, can you tell the person in charge to clean my socks tomorrow? No, just kidding, the socks part i mean. hehe. 
Wait, why do I sound like I don't like my responsibilities. Why do I sound like I'm releasing my tension? Am I tensed?
No, I don't think so. I love my job. What I was trynna say is that, sometimes, I feel like I am or We are pampering our students. I mean, I am representing university students right? don't worry, sometimes, not most of the times. But whatever it is, I believe we university students can think, act and respond rationally to our environment right? (Ew sound so politics, speaking like a politician, ew ew gag gag) hehe. Omg I just made a statement, now I'm afraid that students won't see me anymore. 
"Be wary not dear people, as you see me and tell me something, I will always be here to respond and help you, not to pamper you", covering up. hehehe.
Now, I'm a bit relaxed. A bit. I arranged few principles that I will hold as long as I'm in this post. Like what? Hurmm, maybe not now. But trust me, if anyone in the campus doesn't like me or they way I work, I just wish to Allah that they can tell me upfront so I can correct myself. And I'm more opened to comments and criticism more than I do before this. hehe. I dunno why this change happened. but maybe it is one of the thing that you learnt being a representative.
Fewhh, just finished proofreading, and right now i just wanna puke, as at some part I sounded as if like I'm a philosopher, as if like I go to philosophical studies. haha. and maybe at some point above I was like asking for sympathy like I'm gonna cry right now. No. I'm not gonna. Just honestly sharing my flow of feelings :) I feel like my feelings are fluctuating every minutes, psychological you think?

So, when I was in my freshman, my sophomore, I never knew or had any idea what MPP is all about, what they do and did for the campus or us the students, I felt like "What are the things that they have made for us". So becoming one now, I started to know a lot of things. Being able to see and feel from the inside my self. able to experience being in their shoes. Now I know. 
hehehe. Karma (my religion - Allah) always has a way to show me / hit me back! liddat! hahaha.

Good Night. I leave you to your thoughts now.
bye :)

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