Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Of Sound And Music

More or less the topic is about what you see and what you dont.
This is my first time blogging since I've started to post in MPP. So many things have happened in my life since the pelantikan. So many feelings mixture I've been true. And please be reminded that by that I do not mean to be proud or brag about it. Oh I just negatively overthink about my readers didn'nt I?
Anyway, I've received some motivations from my friends lately. One from Nina, one from Suffia, one from Abg and one from my predecessor (haha) former MPP Chai. There are all concern about me and I love them more because of that.
The other day I had a talk with Chai and one of the things that I can remember from the conversation is that I have to write down everything that I experienced or felt or whatever straight away after interesting things happened. So now, people, let me warn you that I will blog everything. Haha.
And the other thing that I remember is that now is a good practice for me to be a good leader. Consider whatever happens at this period to be my exercise and test to a better future. Tho not exactly like that what he said, but thats how I perceived it. Not bad for a motivation right?
And Nina reminded me to let no people bring me down. I will. I will stay put Nina. I don't even know how did she knew that I'm quite down at that time. Suddenly one day she texted me a motivational quote and I was touched. Thank you Nina :) yeah, to think about it, just recently some people did let me down. How come can you tell me that I didn't propose any follow up when my resources to do that is the meeting minute, the one you should provide? But right now I refuse to elaborate more on that particular story. One because I have more stories actually that I can write down about people downing me so it will consume my time. Two because if write them down, there is a probability that I'll feel down. So I stop here for that now.
And Suffia has always been a good girl. She understands me tho sometimes, many times i forgot to text her. Thank you so much :')
And Abg is this one person where actually you can count to comfort you. He lives far from me au currant. I'm sure if he'a here I'll make his life a mess. Haha. With my complaints and silly things I always worry about. How I wish you are/were (grammar) here.

That's all for now. I love you all. Bye ;)

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