Saturday, November 16, 2013

Be prepared!

Hello hi assalamualaikum. So these last few days i have been in a certain stupid dilemma about being in a post. People said that this post is an important post in a campus. Some people try to support me but not for the other some. Now i dont know which one is the truth. In fact nobody knows the truth because the truth is a future which we dont know yet until it happens. Of course we can predict things but who knows our prediction might or might not come true. My academic will be at risk. My job and my students welfare cant be done well as i have to focus on my study. So it will burden others. All the comments circulate around these 3 points. Although i have rebuttals for all of these 3 points but still i cannot say them out loud because like i said they may or may not come true. Who knows except Allah. So now, im praying to you Allah. That you shed me your light in my heart towards the path that i've decided to go on. And let there be success and only success in the future for me, my friends and my campus O Allah.

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