Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I used to be fat

Not literally fat. Now I'm sitting outside library, hanging around, waiting for my friend for lunch. And suddenly remembered my childhood years, when I was very very little.
I don't know why I used to cry everyday when my dad was about to leave our house for work. I used to cry badly, loudly and maybe annoyingly (my mum must really hated my cries at that time) each and every time he goes out to work. Maybe it's because that my dad workplace was so far away in Pahang and he usually took 2-3 days as the nature of his job as a teamwork consultant consumes days of camp training.
Before our family moved to our new house in the 'countryside', I used to have a neighbour, of an uncle, aunty, a daughter and a very little son. Now, the same thing happened to me when I was at that age, I saw it in front of my own eyes. The little boy cries everytime his father goes out probably for work. So I thought, maybe this thing happens to many other children in this world, maybe from other parts of the world, other continents etc.
This occurrence made me think, why do children cry when their father, or probably, mother too, leave them? And why don't we, or the children continue to cry even as they grow up?
Now that is certainly something to think about. But we all know that the baseline or the bottom rock of the thoughts or the arguments will circle about loving our family :D
P/s: I'll be happy to read back your thoughts <3

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