Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Am Dramatic

alright, here is the thing. 
3 days ago my group leader divided some assignment as part of our exam's preparation. most of the questions are about obstructive and restrictive lung diseases such as the pathophysiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or complications of pneumoconiosis and many more. he asked us to pick our own question that we want to settle. so, this is what he posted on our fb group PBL 8 2012/2013 and he asked us if we have chosen our question, let him know by commenting on the post.


a)pathogenesis, pathology of COPD-puvan
b)pathophysio of COPD-1 person
c)investigation for COPD-yati
d)Principle of management of COPD(drug moa,dist,excret,side effect)-2 person
e)causes/type of respi failure-2 person
f)rationale,complication,precaution of oxy therapy-elleanur
g)factor,pathogenesis,pathology of pneumoconiosis-1 person
h)pathophysio,complication,management pneumoconiosis-1 person
i)obtain relevant history from copd patient-wong
j)relevant pe to elicit physical sign for above disorder-1 person
k)significance of blood gas analysis and lung function test-1 person
 you can see at the end of each question, there are some of my members' names, indicating that the question has been picked earlier. so i chose the one that has not been picked, question H. i commented below the post telling that i'm taking question H. so I started to look out for the answer, started reading for my own comprehension, started copy-pasting things from the internet into microsoft word. mind you, there are five major disease under pneumoconiosis. it is a lot! and then, few hours later, I finished it. before I submit my assignment, suddenly I saw someone else has submitted the assignment, about my topic! i was so furios at that time! can you imagine? that someone didn't comment on that post mentioning that he/she want to take that question and furthermore his/her name is not up there at the end of any question! I remained calm at first but after that i realised my body was aching all over for sitting to long on a goddamn hard chair. i was tired and exhausted. so i said, eff it!
 i was so mad. in fact, i am still mad because that someone took my question. i mean, hello, is he/she blind?! can he/she see that i've already picked the question?? eff it. i don't want to do anything now. i am not going to pick any other question because i am emotional, just like a kid, or just like a girl. this is madness. i'm just going to sit around. my group leader hasn't said anything about this yet, i don't know if he is blind too or he just haven't realised the problem. 
okay, not true, some part of me tell me that i should be kind, be an angel, take another question and start working on it so i can help the group. but some part of me tell me that i should just screw the thing, do nothing about it and just watch movies. 

guess which one i took?

:D xoxo :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

That I'm Thankful For The Blessing


The problem has been going on for years. When I first arrived here, I was told by some assh* that the water come from a supplier. And we were also told that the even outside campus the rest of Kelantan receive the water supply, as rusty as ours. So last year I keep cursing this particular company and I wish that the people of this state will soon be blessed with cleaner water. Later that year, I was told and I saw with my own eyes that most of the places I went, such as my friend's house in a village nearby, and a school in Pengkalan Chepa, another school in Tumpat, they have clean water!
I mean, how come do they have such water, while we don't. A school, a secondary school in Tumpat to be exact, can have clean water supply. 
Early this year, students of this campus were told by the supplier that the water they supply are in good condition i.e. clean. In addition to that, the students high council said that the rusty water that students have these days is caused by the campus underground pipes itself are not maintained! Exactly for how many years it has not been maintained would be a good question to be sent to Jabatan Pembangunan. I think you can guess yourself if you see the color of the water. (Please don't mention the "TEA" word, it would be an offense to some!)
Anyway, earlier this year, the student high council also announced that the Jabatan is on its progress to solve the problem. They said "masih dalam perbincangan kerana kerja penukaran paip memerlukan kos dan waktu yang sesuai". In addition to that, they also said that "tahap kebersihan air adalah masih di tahap selamat". I mean, on what basis do they define "selamat", actually? By the way, who did announce that? Is the Jabatan qualified enough to testify so? Do they have the labs, even?

How much money do students have to spent on laundry shops because there is no water filter inside campus/hostel? How much time do students have to spent on doing multiple laundries? Because even if they wash their clothes in hostel, rust stained shirts have to be washed again, and maybe again. More, how much money do students have to spent on buying mineral water everyday from shops for daily needs? Water coolers in hostels are poorly maintained, rust is still present in the water, even if they boil the water, can it remove or somehow change the rust into water molecules?  Anyway, how long can students rely on outside resources? How much extra money do students get from their scholarships to compensate these problems?
How much rust can students bear into their mouth, decaying their tooth, further into the gut? Dear only God knows what happen in there. Let's just not pray the worse.
The problem started since a long time ago. Do students have someone that can hear their problems, and not just hear, but try to help fixing the problem? Oh there are actually. But only on the hearing part, not someone for the latter.

Our voices were heard, but that is it, only heard. 
So, let us speak to where our voice will be heard and be answered.
Dear Allah, we give you our hearts and souls for we are forever you servant. Lead us to be in those who Belief, guide us through good time and hard time. 
Ya Allah, help us make it through this hardship, 
help those who are working days and nights to solve our water problem, Ya Allah. 
Bless us with pure water, pour on us clean water Ya Allah.
We seek for Your forgiveness upon our sins Ya Allah. Forgive us Ya Allah. Forgive us Your Servant Ya Allah.
And Salam to Muhammad our beloved Prophet, Your Messenger, and his dearest family and friends.

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