Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theatre is life. Cinema is art. Television is furniture.

so love the furniture!
haha, just to share with you guys my favorite tv series for the time being :)

 The description about this series that i've got from its original website:
Valemont University is like any other exclusive east coast college. Rich students. Excellent faculty. Impressive alumni. Except Valemont has a secret. A dangerous one...
how's that? it's a new series on MTV and i'm still trying to catch up all the series yg dah lepas. but still, citer ni best jgak laa haha :)

this one has been my fav since form 4, akhir tahun form 3 to be exact. dunno why i've become kinda addicted to this series.. haha.. teruk2.. almost put the story on my english spm paper, title: beauty. at that time i was thinking to write about serena van der woodsen, the 'it girl' in her high school and other things bout the character before i realised that 'this is spm, i mean, what am i thinking?' hahaha.. thats why lah my essay for spm was not as long as in my trial spm.. bad bad bad.. time wastage on thinking of silly things! haha. see, guys, how great was the influence of this show on me?? yah, call me whtvr, maybe i deserve it. haha. well, its an awesome show! so, please please PLEASE watch it!
haha :)


started watching this show since last year, mid-year-break. at that time i x berape layan sgt citer ni cause it is about working people, with careers, dark scandals, murder and mny more. so, now, as i'd finished my high school bru la lyan citer nih. anyway, still in progress of watching past episodes online only, dun noe why 8TV or even STAR WORLD didn't put this series on their programs.. do watch it tho!

this is an amusing story of ted, barney, marshmallow, robin and lily. seriously, this is a must-watch-series because of..... a... too many reasons! unsayable!(x terkate!) hahaha.. sorry, my english is so bad and i'm still learning them. however, back to the topic, this show is hilarious!! can't stand it! not much to say, just watch it! :D

this reality show is about 10 people who had to survive to stay in the Vanity Lair, a house of beautiful or attractive people. what i love about this show is that, it has beautiful people, they are charming, some o them are smart, intelligent, some are cool, sexy and etc. rupe-rupenye, ad jgak org UK yg attractive, as before this i thought that UK people were mostly not as beautiful as US people. now i know that they're the same. idk how can i have such a thought before.. teruk kn? hahaha! 

a life reality show about the life of married couple. wife, giuliana rancic, E! news reporter and hubby, bill rancic, the winner of Donald Trump's, the APPRENTICE, sharing their life moment together as this latest season focus on their survival on getting a baby, the most wanted thing they ever wanted as married couple. it's a sweet yet funny show! have to be watched by all couples out there, eventho i'm still single, it's not wrong to dream rite? hehe..

yah yah, i know i know, it's a girl's show.. but who cares? you care? well, i don't care! hahaha.. i just love her money, her house and the busy lifestyle. hahaha.. cause i think in the future i'll have a busy lifestyle too rite, but of course in a different field lah.. (DOCTOR) :) heheee...

tell me, who the hell in this world yg x tgk E! news?? cpat bg tau! this one is as important as Buletin Utama! hahaha.. hyperballs (hiperbola).... anyway, for those who doesn't watch E! news, you're lame!

actually this is the new series of Beverly Hills 90210. up to now, i blum berjaye and blum ad tyme utk catch up balik, but i promise i'll do it by the end of this year. as one my girlfriend, rzmniah says, pinky promise! hahaha.. so keep me au-corant with this series if you guys watch it yah!

enjoy watching 'em!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friendship isn't a big thing, it's a million little things!

my second post, is dedicated to my friend jaja a.k.a e~joule, hehe, just to say i'm sorry for what happened last nite. i didnt mean to cause sth in his relationship....i didn't know that TuuT would ask me that thing. but even so, i didn't tell TuuT anything. just so you know TuuT told me this morning that its okay, TuuT's fine for what happened, and said that it might not have anything to do with me. it's great init? huhhh... i'm hoping that ryte now u wont be mad at me anymore~ isk3..

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